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At AZHOP we have Prayer Shifts and Prayer Watches.


Prayer Shift

A Prayer shift is a 6 hour block of time in which someone has committed to be at the Prayer Room so that it can be open to the public. This enables us to have an open prayer room where people can come and engage in the live prayer watch (when available) or pray, read their bible, watch live prayer and worship on the big screen, or engage in private prayer. All Prayer Shifts are posted above in the Grey Schedule.


Prayer Watch

A Prayer watch is typically a 2-hour set to which a worship leader has committed to lead. These sets are sometimes designated for a specific topic, whether it be the City of Azusa, Israel, Human Trafficking, unreached people groups, the persecuted church, etc. However, sometimes a watch can just be a devotional set with intimate worship. All scheduled Prayer Watches are posted below in the white Schedule.


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